Agency: Publicis Kitchen
Junior Art Director: Gard B. Wanderoy
Gullblyanten Gold Nonprofit

Oneshow Merit OOH
Oneshow Merit  Experiental
3 x Cannes Lions Shortlist
Medieprisen 2023 Sølv

Future In Our Hands is a Norwegian NGO that works to reduce food waste, by aiming to update the law to meet the modern sustainable European standard. Despite a creeping financial recession, the Norwegian grocery stores were still throwing away enough food to feed 1/3 of the country's population, and Future In Our Hands lacked the public support they need to get the Norwegian Parliaments attention. Maybe because people still thought the "expired food" in question might have been "thrown away for a good reason". They needed to see it, feel it, or even better; taste it.

INSIGHT: The outdated food waste law in question is mostly technical and boring, but one small paragraph stood out: In Norway you may risk up to three years in prison for dumpster diving. And if there's one subculture that knows exactly how massive and delicious Norway’s food waste problem is, it's dumpster divers. SOLUTION: We expanded the dumpster diving subculture into a full-fledged Norwegian culture, by making it legal. By opening the worlds first grocery chain filled with food waste, we could invite the whole country to dumpster dive without risking 3 years in jail - since picking up expired food from a dumpster is only illegal if it's a dumpster. The small Deli's were placed outside big grocery stores, providing a super visible OOH placement wile pulling people in to taste our trash in a hungry situation.

RESULT: Dumpster Deli covered all the major Norwegian news channels from TV as well as Newspapers within 24 hours, and some of the countries biggest celebrities shared it in their instagram story from just walking by the very visible installation. But most importantly: The Norwegian Parliament invited FUTURE IN OUR HANDS to legislate a new law for the first time. It's being negotiated in the Parliament as we're writing this. The Dumpster Deli's are still rolling around to new locations across the country every day, and will continue to do so until the law is permanently changed.